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All of our bronzes are made from solid bronze by using the old wax method.

These beautiful items are not to be confused with the lesser quality of resin.

Bronze fountain.

A stunning bronze fountain of three children playing in a ring a roses.


A truly fabulous bronze fountain.

This is the largest of all of our bronze fountains, standing at an astonishing 94” by 42” at the widest point.

The attention to detail is exceptional.


Beautiful bronze cherub and Pegasus.

The top tier hosts a boy holding a fish whilst the centre tier has two Pegasus, the outer edge of the bowl show the head of four satyrs. The lower tier has four little boys with various objects.

Lots of beautiful detail on this fabulous fountain.

Standing 61” tall by 33” wide.


Pair of Bronze Dogs

An exceptional pair of life size bronze dogs, male and female.



Pair of Bronze Cheetahs..

A life size pair of bronze Cheetahs.

They have outstanding detail not only are they life size but incredibly life like.


Bronze Boy holding a fish.

A gorgeous solid bronze fountain of a beautiful little boy holding a fish.

Water spurts from the fishes mouth onto the boys face. 

Reeds and and rushes climb up the base towards the bowl.

To the rear the little boys has fins for feet.

Outstanding detail to this piece.

Standing 47” tall by 29” wide.


Stunning Bronze Cherub Fountain 

This is a stunning fountain of two cherubs playing on a rock.

Beautiful wings on the back of each cherub.

Made from solid hot cast bronze.



Superb Bronze Dolphin Fountain 

A superb bronze fountain, hosting a total of nine bronze dolphins, all of which spurt water from their mouths.

Standing at an impressive 6 foot tall.


A truly beautiful solid bronze fountain.

A semi nude lady with birds and vines. 


Bronze Dolphin Spurter.

A fabulous solid bronze dolphin spurter. The piece has one large dolphin and three smaller ones each squirting water from their mouths.


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